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Real Estate Runs Best with Hott.



Hott Solutions' industry leading services and experienced staff ensure you're on top in an ever-changing Real Estate technology and PropTech landscape. Maintaining connections and relationships are what make companies thrive and flourish. Hott Solutions empowers our clients by combining technology and business to keep both right at their fingertips. Our team approach is customized to your business needs while also increasing efficiency and productivity.

Outsourcing technology projects allows for the quick addition of resources and staffing, so you can "right" size your staff to your immediate needs without committing to long term overhead.

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Software ERP Services

Project Management for Implementation of Real Estate ERP software configured to align with the intricacies of your business. We also offer training, Helpdesk, custom report development and software development that integrates your data with 3rd party platforms to address all your business needs.

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Management Services

Hott Solutions guides clients in choosing the right Investment Management platform and to make the most of their IT investment. The right platform allows clients to attract investors, achieve better investing performance, maintain compliance, mitigate risk and ensure investor satisfaction.

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People and
Process Services

Hott Solutions values our clients’ objectives and goals.  We help our clients to make the most out of their technology investments. From best practices evaluations, to strategic planning, our guidance can help you make better decisions for your business so you can achieve the highest ROI.

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Infrastructure and Technology Services

Hott Solutions values client data and security, which is why we use tools that ensure business continuity in the face of everyday interruptions and unexpected disasters. Our proactive approach to managing your networks prevent problems before they happen.

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Hott Solutions provides expertise to both public and private companies.  
We deliver customized support that real estate businesses need.​

  • Reduced maintenance and operations costs

  • Reduced internal IT and Information Services (IS) staff and service expenditures

  • Increased focus on core business

  • Access to experts and the latest technology

  • Creates economies of scale

  • Reduced risk and increased flexibility

  • Increased Employee morale


"Hott Solutions has been retained by MIG to manage the implementation of Yardi Voyager 7S for both the Residential and Commercial suite along with multiple modules.  They are very knowledgeable about our business and well versed in all aspects of Yardi."

 - MIG Real Estate, Lee Burckle, Director of Finance Administration and Retail Asset Management


Hott Solutions is an authorized consulting partner with leading software and telecom providers. 

Hott Solutions is proud to have a strategic alliances with the following organizations.  


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Hott Solutions services the U.S. and Canada, and has team members in every time zone! 

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