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Data Moves Best with Hott Spott

Over 2 Thousand Companies and 4 Million Units integrated by Hott Solutions so far!
Join the data revolution today!

You guys [Hott Solutions] did a great job for us on our Yardi upgrade. Last time we tried to do this without you,  We were down for 3 weeks. Thank you David, Maricel, Ellie and Chase for doing such a great job with no downtime.

– Clay Llewellyn, COO, Income Property Specialists


With existing integrations for companies like Amazon Hub and Lockers, LuxerOne, Apartment List, Radix, Canopy Analytics and many more, Hott Solutions has over 2,000 real estate companies utilizing our integrations to date.  Covering over 4 million units providing data to services used by the real estate industry every day.

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Hott Solutions realized that our integrations methodology provided benefits to our clients.  These benefits included speed to market, integrations that were repeatable, and above all a stable data flow that just works. These integrations took time and effort and we took on the challenge to streamline this process with Amazon Hub.  Creating an application that uses AI to onboard new integrations was our first step.

After developing our first version of Hott Spott, the system was able to onboard a new connection in minutes vs. days or weeks, allowing Hott Spott to do all the heavy lifting.

Hott Spott knows the security configuration and access requirements for applications and after adding the necessary conditions to Hott Spott's database, Hott Spott, based on our client's needs, generates the necessary code structure to connect to any application that offers API endpoints.  This artificial intelligence platform, instantly creates a connection, generates the necessary code, and returns the results within a fraction of the time it would take to develop the code manually.

To add additional functionality to our offering a transformation and mapping layer was added, allowing our users a one time configuration system to normalize and map data efficiently.  Providing error and configuration support was important to assist in managing the ever changing needs of our clients.

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