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Business Growing Rapidly?

Business Growth

You have a successful Property Management / Real Estate business and you are growing quite a bit. This is not a terrible problem to have. Perhaps you are thinking about expanding from Multifamily to commercial or vice versa. Do you have the staff with the right expertise to onboard and support the growth? The thought can be daunting.

Whether it is guidance, support or extra hands on deck that you are seeking, you are wondering if outsourcing may be the answer to your growing pains. There are many things to consider when making a decision like this, such as cost, business practice and cultural compatibility. Where to start?

The average cost of hiring a new employee according to U.S. Small Business Administration is 1.25 to 1.4 times the salary. For example, if the offered salary is $75,000, your actual costs can be between $93,750 to $105,000 depending on certain variables. FICA, Federal and State Unemployment tax, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, employee benefits, and other costs that may also include paid and unpaid time off, sick leave and the cost of training.


Hott Solutions' industry leading services and experienced staff ensure you are on top in an ever-changing Real Estate technology and PropTech landscape. Maintaining connections and relationships are what make companies thrive and flourish. Our team approach is customized to your business needs while also increasing efficiency and productivity.

In a Meeting

Outsourcing technology projects allows for the quick addition of resources and staffing, so you can "right" size your staff to your immediate needs without committing to long term overhead.

Schedule a consultation with the Hott team today and see how we can help complement your growth!

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